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Here is a bit about my background and experience as a Designer.
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Since the year 2000 I have been honing my design skills in the fields of Interior Design, Architecture, and Permaculture. I attended the #2 ranked collegiate program for Interior Design in the US and moved to the Phoenix metro area upon graduation. Working for Architecture/Design firms I have completed projects in Residential, Commercial, Higher Education, Justice, Multi-Family, and Hospitality. I have completed work on projects as small as a bathroom remodel or raised garden to as large as a court tower. In 2010 I completed the IDP program for Architecture. Over the years work has won multiple design awards and been published in several articles and magazines. I am passionate about all things design and I literally never stop! After a decade of commercial design work I wanted to get back to the community and have a direct relationship with my clients. Putting my skills to use I've been volunteering in my local community for the Valley Permaculture Alliance, the Arizona Rare Fruit Growers, and other local design workshops.  My passion for edible landscapes and growing my own food grew and I completed the Permaculture Design Certificate program through the Sonoran Permaculture Guild in 2015.

I am available for in person or digital consultations, and can project manage your entire project for you depending on the package selected. I create digital or hand drawn solution sketches of your home, business, or yard!

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I look forward to applying my knowledge and experience to help you make your mark on your property in a cohesive and holistic manner!

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No matter the size of your property there is great potential! My designs are created with the intent to give YOU the power to make it real on your schedule.

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